Terms And Conditions

(in plain English)

1. For a cost of $49 per month, we will build your website (including a mobile version of the website), host your site, and perform two edits to your site per billing cycle. Simply leave us a support email at our Help Desk to have us perform edits to your site.

2. When you purchase a website package, our credit card processor, 2Checkout, will charge your card $49 and will continue to bill your card $49 each additional month until you notify us to cancel.

3. Website Design Process: Once you make your first payment of $49, we will begin to design your website based on the input that we received from the order form you sent us. We may contact you by email to clarify any design questions we may have. As always, you may contact us at our Help Desk if you have any questions regarding the designing of your site.

In most cases, your site will go live within two weeks. If we are not finished designing your site by the time your second monthly payment is due, we will refund your first payment.

4. Logo Creation: If you have purchased a logo, please give us up to five business days to send you our design concepts. Once you pick a design concept, we will work with you to refine the logo to your liking.

5. To be eligible for $49/mo pricing, we require you to host your site with us for six consecutive months. After the six-month period, you may cancel anytime by providing written notice. After written notice, your cancellation will take effect at the end of the current monthly billing cycle. Since you own your site, we will make sure you have all website files and data so that you may host your site anywhere else you choose. In addition, if 49DollarWeb.com purchased your domain for you, we will transfer the domain to you so you retain legal ownership.

5. Cancellation: You may cancel our service at any time by leaving us a support email at our Help Desk. Your cancellation will take effect at the end of the current monthly billing cycle.

All site files are the property of the site owner (you). If 49DollarWeb purchased a domain for your site, we will transfer the domain to you by using the Namecheap.com “push” service. This will require you to open a free account at Namecheap.com if you currently do not have one.